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Hidden doors with hidden hinges

Invisible secret doors have been an essential attribute of most spy movies and TV shows. They completely merged with the environment of the room, practically eliminating the possibility of being detected. Today, distant relatives of these doors are in vogue. The Profi-Plint company offers to buy hidden doors for installation in a house or apartment. We manufacture to order a good range of models with a wide range of individual characteristics. Therefore, you can choose unique invisible doors for any layout of both residential and commercial premises.

What are hidden doors

flush-mounted between floors

A frameless doors is an interior design that is flush with the wall. Most of the models eliminate the need for external lining with platbands. Provides a minimum gap between the canvas and the wall. The stealth effect is made possible by the unique design of the aluminum box. A profile of a special type and section allows you to install the opening in such a way that the trimless door smoothly passes into the wall.

The high strength and reliability of anodized aluminum, the presence of hidden hinges (including those with closers) and the possibility of mounting a mechanism with a hidden handle significantly expand the possibilities in interior design. For example, you can realize interesting and complex design solutions in conjunction with a hidden plinth or a drop-down threshold.

Advantages of a door flush with the wall

original concealed doors pivoting
  • Versatility. It is possible to install a door flush with the wall in the main rooms and auxiliary rooms. For example, this is a great option for closing the passage to the bathroom or dressing room. And thanks to the ability to make any shape of the box, these doors are ideal for a utility room under the stairs or a hidden closet in the bedroom.
  • Beautiful visual effect. Hidden doors in the interior will completely merge with the wall. It is enough to treat the surface with an identical paint or finishing material. Minimal gaps will remain hardly noticeable against the general background, so the interior composition will look complete and complete.
  • Suitable for non-standard openings. Due to the absence of architraves and the unique design, installation of trimless doors can be implemented almost anywhere. Also, this option will remain almost the only alternative in particularly difficult situations. For example, on the attic floor with a sloping ceiling or a passage that is too narrow. Where the installation of a standard box is not possible.
  • May have different dimensions. The profile for frameless doors makes it possible to produce openings of different widths and heights. For example, implement a passage from floor to ceiling (over 2.5-3 meters) or install an opening that will occupy 1/3 or even half of the wall in terms of dimensions. Moreover, to order, you can make secret doors of almost any size. The only thing to consider in this case is the high cost of production and installation.
  • Noise and thermal insulation. Unlike standard, interior doors with hidden hinges have minimal gaps at the junction with the wall. This has a positive effect on the preservation of heat and sound insulation. And the installation of closers will provide almost silent closing.

Features of the hidden door

hidden hinges

The invisible door has such a name for a reason. To achieve “invisibility” allows a number of unique technical approaches, including:

  • Concealed installation box. The aluminum base without platbands is puttied after installation flush with the wall. The result is a neatly designed opening without bulges and irregularities.
  • Hidden loops. Interior trimless doors are equipped with special hinges. The special design allows you to place the fittings inside the door frame, and thus make it invisible. And modern rotary devices on the pendulum and rotary mechanism make it possible to completely abandon the classic door handle.
  • Hidden handles. Special mortise fittings are often installed on interior openings of this type. Handles are matched to the tone of the future finish, thereby becoming almost invisible.

Varieties of invisible doors

beautiful concealed sliding doors

Hidden doors for painting have a wide variety of models. To make it easier to decide on the final option for a specific layout, you should study their main classifications. As a rule, invisible doors for painting differ in two main areas – the type of construction and the method of opening.

There are one-sided and two-sided models. The first are distinguished by the minimum possible thickness. As a rule, such models are chosen when there is no need to mask the opening from two sides. A hidden door on one side also has the most attractive price.

Bilateral variations can have almost any thickness. Due to the low weight of the leaf, such a frameless door can be made in accordance with even a massive large-sized partition. Also, such models allow you to implement any design on each side, which is especially important when carrying out repairs in one room. For example, completely repeat the structure and shade of the walls in the living room, and create an individual design in the bedroom according to personal preferences.

By way of opening

concealed doors with mirror

You can buy hidden doors with different opening mechanisms. The most common options are:

  • Throw open – classical type of construction. Hidden doors open from one side. This mechanism is the most popular, reliable and versatile for any type of premises.
  • Pendular – more complex, but very effective. The operation of the mechanism can be compared to sliding passages in the subway, where each half of the canvas opens in its own direction.
  • Rotary (carousel) – one of the most expensive and beautiful. The swivel mechanism, which is located in the center of the opening, provides rotation around this axis when opening.
  • Sliding – ideal for rooms with a small area. Open parallel to the wall, shifting to one side. The canvas is fixed in a special hidden niche and does not clutter up the free space.

Hidden doors in the interior

flush with the wall doors

One of the reasons to buy hidden doors is the variety of finishes. There is no need to go shopping in search of a suitable color for an individual interior style. You can immediately order the painting of the frameless doors in the desired color during production or decorate its surface with a wide variety of materials.

The high strength of the aluminum frame allows you to realize the most unusual design of the room. In addition to classic plaster, paint or wallpaper, the design can easily withstand a hinged overall finish. For example, drywall, 3D-style overlay panels, mirror coatings, etc.

Ways to finish the invisible door

There are many options for decorating a trimless doors. The most popular are precisely monolithic interiors with a flat plane of the walls. Therefore, the following methods are most often used for finishing:

sliding interior doors with wallpaper
  • Coloring. This method is the simplest and most affordable. Allows you to decorate the interior in the shortest possible time. After the work is completed, the hidden door can only be distinguished by a barely noticeable gap of 2 mm. Also, designers are increasingly using non-standard color options. For example, graffiti, imitation of the natural landscape, individual artwork.
  • Wallpaper. This is another fairly budget and very attractive finish option. Thanks to a wide variety of colors and themes of the material, it is possible to implement interior design in any style. You can also resort to one little trick – buy wallpaper with vertical stripes. With proper gluing, they will completely disguise trimless doors against the background of the wall.
  • Panel – a rather unusual, but very effective option. A wooden or cardboard frame is installed on the frameless door, in which a picture, installation or photo is placed. At first glance, it would not occur to you that such a creative element in the interior could hide a passage.
  • Panels and volumetric decorative elements. Thanks to this design, it is also very easy to hide not only the door itself, but also its gaps on the wall. The main thing is to correctly approach the choice of cladding materials and place them correctly over the entire surface. A passage disguised in this way will be extremely difficult for guests to find.
  • Mirror coatings. The presence of a large mirror in the room will visually expand the space. And with the right lighting, the effect will only intensify. This option is also relevant for small areas, such as a bathroom or a small room.

Full height door

It is worth noting another very effective option – the door to the entire height of the room. This option completely eliminates visible horizontal gaps, since the gap above coincides with the border of the ceiling, and below – with the floor covering. And masking vertical slots is much easier. The only disadvantage of this method is that the door will have to be made to order, which will significantly affect its price.

Installing a hidden doors

installation of doors without platbands

It should be understood that hidden installation of doors of this type is impossible to carry out independently. The aluminum block is mounted directly during the repair, when the roughing and finishing of the walls have not yet been made. Installation is carried out on a finished floor, provided that the distance from the door to the floor covering is at least 10 mm.

It is also difficult to prepare ahead of time. Before installing the door frame, it is necessary to cut a niche in the wall (or use plasterboard linings) in which the box and the door leaf itself will be installed. All this is accompanied by a wide list of difficulties, the solution of which requires a certain knowledge base and qualifications. And the installation of the door itself is much more difficult than installing a standard leaf.

To eliminate any problems and get an impeccable result, you should always contact professionals. Experts will perform the installation of a hidden door with the highest quality. All individual requirements and wishes of the customer will be taken into account. They will give a guarantee for all work performed.

Trimless doors at the best price

flush with the wall door

In order not to doubt the quality, reliability and functionality of this product, you should choose only a trusted seller. You can buy the best frameless doors in the city of Kyiv at the Profi-Plint company. Over the years of work in the Ukrainian market, we have earned a reputation as a responsible and conscientious distributor, which is approached by customers from different parts of the country.

We offer trimless doors from the manufacturer, which can be ordered at a loyal price. All products meet high quality standards and have the necessary certificates. You can buy flush-mounted doors in the city of Kyiv from the Profi-Plint company with prompt delivery to the specified address within the capital. We also provide the possibility of transporting goods to any city in Ukraine by postal carriers.

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