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Floor plinth is a common and long-known construction device that allows you to hide the technological junction of the floor covering and the wall. Standard variations of such planks still successfully cope with their main task, but they can hardly be called attractive and comfortable. But the modern recessed baseboard is a completely new level of interior decoration. It is not only a multifunctional addition, but also acts as an independent element in the design of any interior.

What is a recessed baseboard

flush-mounted skirting board for LED strip

This is an original fixture that can be mounted directly into a cut-out recess at the bottom of the wall. The plinth literally “hides” at the base of the coating. Such a bar is designed to mask the visible gap between the wall and the floor. Allows you to create a flat plane in this area, without visible fasteners, bumps or bulges. Or it can be recessed into the partition, creating the so-called “floating wall” effect. Each model has a unique design of planks, corners and joints, with which you can equip a contour of any complexity.

As a rule, a recessed skirting board consists of two parts – the main profile (often aluminum) and a decorative strip. There is also a wide range of models on the market that can be used without an aesthetic insert. This plinth has a channel for the LED strip, with which you can create a beautiful backlight around the perimeter of the room. Some models are equipped with built-in cable channels for laying wires.

Functions of the recessed baseboard

flush-mounted plinth under the mirror

The main task of such a product is to hide, as well as protect the junction of the wall and floor. But buying a led plinth of this type is not only because of the aesthetic appeal. This bar has a wide range of functions that allow you to implement the following:

  • install hidden doors;
  • install wall panels and drywall sheets in the same plane with the plinth;
  • to realize the original hidden illumination.

It is worth noting that you can install a recessed baseboard under a laminate, carpet, linoleum, as well as any other floor covering at the joints with drywall and wall panels. With strips of this type, there will be no difficulties in the design of angular or curved contours. For example, a built-in plinth can be installed even on stairs.

Advantages of a hidden recessed baseboard

floor skirting board
  • Durability. Recessed skirting board for plaster and drywall is resistant to high humidity, temperature extremes, aggressive household chemicals and other adverse factors. In this regard, the service life of such a product can reach 50 years.
  • Versatility. It is possible to buy floor flush plinth of concealed installation for both residential and commercial premises. It does not have any restrictions on the installation area, layout or microclimate conditions. This recessed baseboard can be ordered for the kitchen, bathroom or exterior walls of the room.
  • Functionality. Such strips do not form protrusions or slots, which allows you to use the free space of the room to the fullest. For example, move furniture close to the walls. Also, the plinth on the floor, the price of which is relatively low, may have internal channels. They allow not only to completely hide the wiring, but also to create a beautiful visual effect of a flat wall, including on the stairs. Such channels are only in certain models of modern trims.
  • Ease of maintenance. Due to the high quality materials and smooth surface, recessed baseboard are easy to clean. A damp cloth and soapy water will suffice to clean the dirt.

It is also worth mentioning the disadvantages. One disadvantage of such products is their cost. If you take a classic plastic model for the floor, then its price will be several times lower than flush-mounted models. But it is worth understanding that you are purchasing products that are completely different in terms of technical parameters and functionality. In addition, the price of a recessed baseboard under plaster is almost identical to standard wooden models. Another disadvantage of this product is the complexity of installation. When installing, it is necessary to observe high accuracy and accuracy.

Floor flush baseboard for design solutions

flush-mounted skirting board with staircase lighting

There is a wide range of products of this type on the market today. More than 30% of the species is occupied by an aluminum led plinth. There are also models with a base made of polycarbonates and even wood, in comparison with which the metal version wins in all respects.

It is possible to order a led plinth on a floor with decorative overlays and without. As a rule, models with an open aluminum profile do not have cable channels, but allow you to install an LED strip. Choose such a flush baseboard for painting in any desired color, which is ideal for the implementation of various design projects.

Models with decorative inserts are more functional and also offer a lot of interesting solutions in interior design. They are made of various materials (plastic, metal, containing wood, etc.). They can externally imitate natural stone and wood of any shades. They help to hide all communications behind a beautiful “cover” at the level of the wall.

Types of plinth coating

flush-mounted skirting board for painting

It should be noted that the aluminum flush-mounted baseboard can be ordered in several versions. Namely:

  • Classic (no modifications). This option is most often chosen for decorating with inserts. Classic models are preferably used indoors. Stands out for its good value for money.
  • Anodized. Such a plinth for the floor has an oxide film on the surface, due to which it stands out for its spectacular appearance and has increased protection. The product is preferably used without decorative inserts when decorating an interior in a loft and high-tech style. Also, anodized recessed baseboard is widely used for decorating gazebos and terraces.
  • Painted. Matte, semi-matte, glossy, structural – these are just a few of the processing options for this product, which are offered by modern manufacturers. Such models will look great in classic and traditional style interiors.

Recessed skirting board – installation

flush-mounted skirting board installation diagram

Hidden plinth can be installed both before laying the selected floor covering, and after it, but definitely before finishing the walls. The base metal profile can be attached to the wall with self-tapping screws and construction adhesives. This method is relevant if further installation of drywall is expected. Otherwise (for plastering and further painting), a piece of the wall is cut out below. An aluminum bar is mounted in this recess.

After installation, it is necessary to align the wall with the edge of the ledge. You can plaster the surface for further painting or wallpapering. Another option is to sheathe the wall with drywall. After the work is completed, the wires are laid in special grooves and the LED strip is installed (if necessary), a decorative insert is installed.

There are also several ways to attach such a bar. For example, you can glue the insert with strong glue. There are also self-adhesive variations, from which it is enough to remove the film and press the product tightly against the aluminum profile. Another mounting option is clips. This method allows you to quickly change the decorative insert to another, for example, when changing the interior design of the room.

Hidden recessed skirting boards in the interior

flush-mounted skirting board with lighting

Plinth with LED lighting opens up wide possibilities for decorating the room. With the help of such a product, you can beautifully complement or completely transform the individual design of an apartment, house or office. Plinth in the interior allows you to implement the following solutions:

  • Invisibility effect. The panel is made as invisible as possible. A miniature gap is left between the bar and the base. Next, the installed panel and the wall are painted in the same color. As a result, it is possible to obtain the effect of one flat plane right to the floor.
  • Contrasting edging. This is the exact opposite of an invisible effect. The recessed aluminum plinth or its decorative insert should stand out against the background of the wall colors. There are many options for such design. The main thing is to choose the right shades. A good option is to combine the colors of the recessed skirting board and the chosen flooring. Here it is appropriate to experiment with different bar widths to increase the wow effect.
  • Floating wall effect. This solution is one of the most beautiful and versatile. For installation, skirting boards are used on the floor without a decorative insert. Thanks to the protruding top edge, along which the main surface is aligned, the wall hangs over the metal profile. It creates a visual feeling that it is literally hanging in the air. And the backlit option will only increase this effect.
  • Perimeter lighting. A recessed skirting board with lighting will look beautiful, regardless of the style of the interior and the area of ​​the room. The LED strip does not have to be at the top. It can also be located in the middle and bottom of the plinth. Have different brightness and shade of light, which, in most cases, can be adjusted. The hidden backlit led plinth looks especially beautiful in a minimalist and high-tech design.

Flush skirting board

Also, when decorating the interior with the help of such building devices, a flush skirting board is used. This method implies a line (usually of medium size) between the baseboard and the main wall. The plank is always closed with a decorative insert, which is painted in the same tone as the common surface. The result is a beautiful and even plane with a thin visible strip around the perimeter.

Where to buy a flush baseboard

general flush-mounted skirting board

Profi-Plint is a proven and certified manufacturer of modern building materials in Ukraine. It is from us that you can buy an aluminum plinth of concealed installation at the most loyal price in Kyiv.

On our website you can choose and order a recessed skirting board for painting, lighting installation along with a beautiful decorative insert. If the product you need is not in stock, we will make it to order within 10 days. Also in our company there is a unique opportunity to develop and design skirting boards according to individual design.

Delivery of goods is carried out by courier in the capital and region, as well as in any region of Ukraine by postal carriers. You can also pick up the purchase by self-delivery from the warehouse of the Profi-Plint company in Kyiv. For advice on a question of interest or assistance in choosing the optimal plinth, we recommend contacting our managers.

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