Wide plinth MDF MP-10100R5 painted

14.60 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model MP-10100R5
Material MDF
Type overhead
Availability on order
Length of the product 2,8 m
Height 100 mm
Width 10 mm
Coating painted
Cable channels no
Peculiarities attractive appearance
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
  • on plaster

The plinth MDF MP-10100R5 is the perfect choice for any type of flooring. It goes well with parquet, laminate and linoleum. Easily fits into both classic and modern interior design. Also, the wide MDF skirting board is in perfect harmony with the high ceilings and emphasizes the spaciousness of the room.

These products are environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals, resins or components are used in their production. The MP-10100R5 wide MDF skirting board can be installed in living rooms and public spaces where a large number of people stay every day. Also, these decorative elements are protected from moisture, which prevents the appearance of mold and fungi.

Wide plinth MDF MP-10100R5 – recommendations when choosing

Decorative products with such a height are not universal and are not suitable for all rooms. To make the MDF skirting board 100 mm an ideal addition to the interior, it is recommended to consider the following criteria before purchasing the product:

  • The proportions of the room. As a rule, these decorative elements are installed in spacious rooms with high ceilings. Also, the MP-10100R5 wide MDF plinth looks great in large office and public spaces. It allows you to visually lengthen the walls and increase the space. In small rooms with low ceilings, it will look bulky and out of place.
  • Interior style. It is important that the wide MDF skirting board fits well into the design concept. This element can act as a separate decor of the room, and serve as its harmonious addition. It is also worth considering the dimensions of the MDF baseboard when arranging the room with other elements. If you are planning a more austere design style, it is better to give preference to the similar model MP-10100F3.
  • This criterion should be considered based on personal preferences. You can choose a neutral shade, for example, a gray MDF baseboard. It will go well with most variations of modern interior design. If the main goal is to create contrast, it is worth stopping at models for painting. In this case, it is important to buy a white MDF skirting board.
  • Mounting features. The simplest, most reliable and durable option is liquid nails. With the help of special glue, the product fits snugly to the surface, thereby eliminating visible seams at the points of contact with the wall and floor. It is also recommended to use a connector for the MDF floor plinth, which allows you to hide the joints in the corners.
  • Due to the large number of local and foreign brands, it can be difficult to choose a specific one. It is also worth taking into account the difference in price and quality. We recommend buying products from trusted manufacturers only. And we offer an ideal price-quality ratio for the entire range of products.

Wide plinth MDF with delivery

Profi-Plint is a reliable distributor of specialized building products. We have been directly cooperating with proven domestic and foreign brands, offering our customers only the best products. It is from us that you can buy MDF plinth painted with a height of 100 mm at the best price. We carry out delivery in the capital and region, as well as to other regions of Ukraine by popular courier services. To arrange transportation, it is enough to provide the data necessary for sending and pay for the order. Estimated delivery times are 2-4 business days.

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