Recessed skirting board Pl-M958A aluminum anodized

17.80 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Model Pl-M958А
Material aluminum
Availability on order, 10 days
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating anodized
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Cable channels no
Peculiarities wall-mounted installation possible
Suitable for mounting
  • with plaster
  • panels
  • with drywall
Matching mdf inserts

If reliability and durability are the main preferences when choosing these products, it is worth stopping at this model. Recessed skirting board Pl-M958A concealed installation is worth buying for a number of reasons. It is one of the most durable and resistant to loads among analogues on the market. Easily supports the weight of drywall or heavy cladding panels with decorative glass.

Recessed skirting board Pl-M958A under the dooraluminum skirting boards m958A

  • Unique design. The product has two strong walls at the base and an angular profile for drywall on top. Thoughtful geometry allows you to evenly distribute the load, and a reliable aluminum alloy – to provide additional reliability.
  • Anodized finish. Aluminum belongs to the category of metals that are easily oxidized in air. Anodizing is a method to additionally protect the material from corrosion and environmental influences. As a result, Pl-M958A aluminum skirting boards can be safely installed in the bathroom, on the balcony or in the kitchen.
  • Original decor. The design implies the presence of a decorative rate. The surface of this element is primed by the manufacturer, so it can be easily painted. You can also buy an MDF insert, for example, the vs-858lral model, which will already be painted in the desired color.

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