Skirting board Pl-M958 aluminum

7.90 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pl-M958
Material aluminum
Availability in stock
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating uncoated
Cable channels no
Peculiarities wall-mounted installation possible
Suitable for mounting
  • with plaster
  • panels
  • with drywall

Skirting board Pl-M958 gray is a classic medium-sized model from a line of specialized concealed products. The product has excellent technical characteristics and a unique design of the increased durability. Hidden plinth Pl-M958 can be bought for installation in any room of the room, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Pl-M958 skirting board for laminate

  • Extra strong 15mm protrusion. The wide profile made of a special aluminum alloy is designed for increased mechanical loads. Therefore, it is used for mounting drywall, panels and volumetric decorative finishes on the wall.
  • Excellent value for money. The product stands out for its favorable price compared to other variations from this category. In addition, this model has increased strength, so it will last longer even with significant mechanical loads.
  • Average plank height. Due to the optimal dimensions of the decorative insert, it can be distinguished by the original coloring. A unique shade will serve as a good option for decorating a room. MDF plank vs-858l will look equally beautiful in both large and less spacious rooms.

This model does not have an anodized coating and a cable channel.

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