Recessed led profile Pr-1601ral painted

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The price includes delivery toPoland
Availabilityin stock
Length of the product3 m
Channel for LED stripbefore 24 mm
Coatingpainted in RAL
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Shadow line widthany
Peculiaritiessmooth seam around the perimeter of the room
Lets give up
  • from baguettes
  • from ceiling moldings

Painted recessed led profile Pr-1601ral is a specialized construction product intended for installation in rooms with high humidity levels. Unlike the cheaper uncoated model, it does not rust throughout its entire service life (unless scratched). It can be chosen by the customer in exactly the color that fits well into a modern interior of different styles.

This recessed led extrusion is installed on a plasterboard suspended ceiling. Allows you to create a beautiful shadow seam 16 mm wide. Due to the fact that the channel under the LED strip allows the use of reflected light, the LED lighting of the ceiling along the perimeter is softer and more pleasant. Such lighting can be combined with additional lighting elements. A good option is to buy a led angle profile, and thereby create original linear lighting of the entire ceiling around the perimeter. A large chandelier or decorative light elements can be replaced by a profile light strip, which can also be selected in our catalog.

What makes a painted recessed led profile stand outrecessed LED profiles pr-1601ral

  • Corrosion resistance. Thanks to modern powder paint, this shadow joint profile is protected from corrosive processes. There is a reliable coating on its surface, due to which aluminum is not susceptible to rust. In turn, an anodized profile for LED strip is the optimal solution for installation in rooms with high humidity levels. For example, located in countries with a humid climate or coastal areas. In some cases, when the humidity is relatively normal, you can choose a painted aluminum profile for plasterboard ceilings.
  • Easy installation. This specialized building product has a thoughtful and reliable design. The painted recessed LED profiles is easily mounted using screws on a metal profile for plasterboard, which, in turn, is attached to the main ceiling using special hangers. As a result, the profile is securely fixed under the ceiling and serves as additional support for drywall.
  • Creative interior design of the pool and bathroom. The painted recessed led profile is manufactured using high-quality materials and has a reliable anti-corrosion coating. Therefore, it is important to install suspended plasterboard ceilings with this shadow joint profile in swimming pools or bathrooms. With the help of such a decorative element, you can decorate the interior of these premises in an original and creative way. Especially if you install LED lighting in a soothing blue or turquoise hue around the perimeter of the hanging ceiling.

How to purchase a led angle profile with deliveryrecessed LED profile metallic

The Profi-Plint company is one of the most popular manufacturers and distributors in Ukraine of specialized hidden-mounted building elements for interior decoration. Our assortment includes dozens of unique decorative products, including anodized profiles for LED strips on plasterboard ceilings. We have successfully established ourselves in Ukraine and are now ready to offer our products to residents of European countries.

To buy an aluminum recessed led profile in our company, just follow a few simple steps:

  • select the appropriate shadow seam profile model on our official website;
  • submit an online application using a special form or call us by phone;
  • discuss all details with the manager;
  • provide the necessary data for sending products;
  • choose a convenient method of delivery and payment.

Transportation of waterproof recessed led profiles and other specialized products from our company to European countries is carried out mainly from Poland.

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