Profile for led strip Pr-4060 without cover

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The price includes delivery toPoland
Availabilityin stock
Length of the product3 m
Channel for LED stripbefore 24 mm
Coatingwithout coating
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Shadow line width40 mm
Peculiaritiessmooth seam around the perimeter of the room
Lets give up
  • from baguettes
  • from ceiling moldings

Aluminum profile for led strip Pr-4060 is an innovative solution that has replaced traditional methods of finishing ceilings. It is a specialized product with an expressive shadow seam 40 mm wide. Acts as a modern alternative to standard ceiling plinths or baguettes. It can be either uncoated or anodized or powder coated to choose from.

You can buy corner profile for led strip in different sizes and shapes from our company. This product will help create an extremely elegant and modern interior design. The profile itself is made of high-quality aluminum and has good wall thickness. Which ensures high strength and rigidity of the suspended structure. It is with the help of this model that it is possible to beautifully decorate the ceiling of a large room with large sheets of plasterboard.

Several reasons to purchase a aluminum profile for led strip Pr-4060profile for led tape

  • Wide shadow seam (40 mm). As a rule, the width of the shadow seam, which is formed by installing a special ceiling profile, varies between 5-20 mm. Usually for large rooms it is planned to finish the ceiling with large sheets of plasterboard. For this, it may be important to buy wider aluminum profiles for the LED strip. This model of a decorative element made of aluminum allows you to create a shadow seam 40 mm wide. This is simply a good solution for decorating spacious halls and premises in office centers. And also in medical institutions and shopping and entertainment facilities.
  • Channel for LED strip with diffuser (up to 24 mm wide). The aluminum profile for led strip provides convenient and aesthetic placement of lighting around the perimeter of the suspended ceiling. The presence of a special recess in the design of this product allows you to install LED strip of any brightness up to 24 mm wide. With the help of the right lighting, you can achieve the desired design effect in the interior of the room. For example, create soft auxiliary light from above, or highlight the perimeter of the ceiling with brighter and more expressive lighting. Also, on the corner profile for led strip of this model, it is possible to install a diffuser, which makes the illumination uniform.

Additional benefits

  • Simplicity and ease of installation. These specialized products are cleverly designed to make installation much easier. The shadow profile is attached directly to the wall using screws with wide heads. The metal element fits tightly to the surface, creating a perfectly even shadow seam and reliable support for the plasterboard ceiling sheets. To achieve the desired result when decorating the interior of a room, correct installation is important. It is necessary to install the recessed aluminum LED profile Pr-4060 on a prepared, leveled wall according to pre-made level markings.
  • Affordable price. Compared to painted and anodized models, the recessed led aluminum profile without coating has a more attractive price. It is not inferior in material quality, strength and reliability, but is less resistant to corrosion. It is important to install a model of this specialized product without a special coating in rooms with a drier microclimate. If necessary, the aluminum profile of a grayish metallic color can be painted in any shade.

Recessed aluminium led profile from the Profi-Plint companyprofiles for led tape

Our organization is a proven manufacturer and distributor of specialized modern products for interior decoration. We offer innovative solutions for modern interior design options, including the Pr-4060 model. In addition to the corner version, it can also be used as a recessed led strip profile. In this way, the length of the shadow gap can be increased even further.

All products presented in our assortment are of good quality and high strength, so they will last a long time.

The Profi-Plint company is actively expanding its activities. Today we are ready to offer unique skirting boards and profiles for led strips and other specialized products to residents of European countries. Delivery of aluminum products for interior decoration throughout Europe is carried out from Poland by well-known courier services. To obtain all the necessary information on the topic, as well as to order a corner LED profile, contact our managers online or by phone.

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