Plinth Pl-S1060A aluminum anodized

11.00 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pl-S1060А
Material aluminum
Availability on order, 10 days
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating anodized
Cable channels no
Peculiarities wall-mounted installation possible
Suitable for mounting
  • with plaster
  • panels

Pl-S1060A aluminum overlay plinth has established itself in the market as high-quality, reliable and durable. It has a unique profile design that fits perfectly into the space of a room of any size. Great for finishing walls with plaster or light cladding panels.

Hidden plinth Pl-S1060A in the interior – key advantages

  • Possibility of painting. The product can look as you need. The vs-1060l decorative insert can be painted to match the floor, walls, or highlighted with a separate shade. Due to the presence of a primer on the surface, the paint will retain its original structure and saturation for a long time.
  • Easy installation. Plinth Pl-S1060A is mounted on the wall just as easily as models of other designs. It is enough to install an aluminum profile on a brick or concrete base using screws (or self-tapping screws) with a wide head.
  • Long service life. Anodized aluminum is highly resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity changes and other environmental influences. Therefore, the product will last significantly longer than its cheaper counterparts.

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