Led plinth Pl-100L8А aluminum anodized

20.70 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Model Pl-100L8А
Material aluminum
Availability in stock
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip 8 mm
Coating anodized
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Cable channels no
  • creates the effect of a floating wall
  • additional lighting
Suitable for mounting
  • with plaster
  • panels
  • with drywall

The plinth Pl-100L8A under the ice tape is one of the best representatives in the line of this product. The model is distinguished by improved technical characteristics, the largest profile height and good reliability. One of the important features is the presence of a special channel for an 8 mm wide LED strip.

What is remarkable about the luminous plinth Pl-100L8Aglowing skirting board pl-100l8a

  • Universal application. This aluminum product has been anodized. Due to the increased resistance to various weather conditions (humidity, temperature, wind, etc.), these products can be used not only indoors. It is also suitable for finishing the exterior walls of a building.
  • Original appearance. The beautiful metallic matte surface goes well with different finish colors. The silver shade will complement both modern high-tech design and interiors in a more classic style.
  • Ease of care. Thanks to its perfectly smooth surface, the plinth Pl-100L8A aluminum is easy to clean. And the durable protective film produced by the anodizing process allows you to use stronger cleaners to remove stubborn stains.

It is possible to install a diffuser Sl-13 if necessary.

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