Plinth MDF MP-1040R5 painted

9.40 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model MP-1040R5
Material MDF
Type overhead
Availability on order
Length of the product 2,8 m
Height 40 mm
Width 10 mm
Coating painted
Cable channels no
Peculiarities attractive appearance
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
  • on plaster

Buying an plinth MP-1040R5 MDF is a good solution for decorating small spaces. Due to its low height, this product will perfectly fit into a room with low ceilings and will be in perfect harmony with other interior elements. Plinth with MDF is available in several colors – black, gray, beige and white. Such a variety of shades allows you to choose a good combination for any modern design.

Reasons to buy MDF plinth MP-1040R5

  • Material and texture. This decorative element is made from environmentally friendly raw materials (wood shavings). It does not have an unpleasant odor, does not contain harmful chemicals in the composition and is not inferior in technical characteristics to natural material. And the modern technology of final processing provides a perfectly smooth and visually pleasing texture of the product.
  • Increased durability. Floor plinth made of MDF, in comparison with similar products made of PVC or plastic, is more resistant to various mechanical damages. The unique composition and high density provide reliable protection of the product from chips and scratches. After a slight impact, no visible dents remain on the surface.
  • Stylish design. Floor plinth MDF, the price of which remains affordable for every customer, is a universal decorative element. The minimalistic, stylish and modern design of this product goes well with most creative ideas in interior design. And perfectly even and smooth lines without unnecessary decorative elements will emphasize the spaciousness of even a small room.
  • Long service life. It is worth buying a plinth from MDF of the MP-1040R5 series because of its durability. The product is not exposed to ultraviolet rays and temperature changes, so it does not fade or deform over time. Also, the MDF skirting board for painting is resistant to high humidity. It can be washed regularly with a wet cloth, including when paired with chemicals, without fear of losing the structure and original appearance of the decorative element.
  • Combination with any coating. Buy plinth floor MDF is relevant for laminate, parquet, linoleum, tiles, PVC and other floor options. Like the cut corner model MP-1040F3, this product is perfectly combined with various materials, which allows you to boldly play with combinations and implement the most unusual room decorations.

Where to buy floor MDF plinth

High quality is one of the key factors influencing the service life of these decorative elements. If you need a good MDF floor plinth, you can buy it in the Profi-Plint online store.

In the online catalog you will find a wide selection of quality decorative elements, including a white MDF skirting board. We offer several design and size options, which allows each client of our store to easily choose the ideal model according to individual requirements and preferences.

It is possible to buy a plinth from MDF of the MP-1040R5 series with delivery to any region of Ukraine. To send a parcel, it is enough to indicate the city, post office or actual address of the recipient. Estimated delivery times, regardless of distance, are 2-4 working days. If you have any questions or need advice on the topic, we recommend that you contact our managers in the online chat, via email, instant messengers or by phone.

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