Plinth MDF MP-1040R2 painted

9.30 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model MP-1040R2
Material MDF
Type overhead
Availability on order
Length of the product 2,8 m
Height 40 mm
Width 10 mm
Coating painted
Cable channels no
Peculiarities attractive appearance
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
  • on plaster

MDF skirting boards are one of the most sought-after decorative elements for interior decoration. They attract the attention of buyers with excellent technical characteristics, a wide variety of designs, and an ideal price-quality ratio. If you also want to pick up an inexpensive and durable MDF skirting board, the MP-1040R2 model or a similar series with a more rounded corner MP-1040R5 is the most relevant.

This is a universal option for finishing residential and office premises. The low height of MDF plinth MP-1040R2 allows the product to fit harmoniously into both large and small rooms. And several color options provide an opportunity to choose the most suitable color for a particular interior design.

Why is MDF skirting boards MP-1040R2 so popular

  • Resistance to external influences. Such products are well protected from scratches, chips, UV rays and moisture. Therefore, the installation of MDF skirting boards is relevant not only in residential, but also in various public buildings. Also, these decorative elements are resistant to temperature extremes, so they can be used to decorate semi-open summer areas of cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Uniform coverage. Thanks to the unique processing technology on modern equipment, the product has a perfectly smooth surface. This gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance and allows you to evenly apply the finish coat to the surface.
  • Easy to install. Such decorative elements are easily mounted on the wall using special glue. There is no need to buy a special mount for the MDF skirting board in the form of clips. Liquid nails securely fix the product along the entire length. If necessary, it can be washed down with MDF skirting boards, thereby adjusting it to the desired size. This allows you to quickly and conveniently complete the decoration of your interior.
  • Easy maintenance. Such decorative elements are simply cleaned of any contamination. The surface of the coating is smooth and does not cause sticking of dust, so for cleaning it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. Also, these products can be easily replaced in case of severe damage. However, this privilege is relevant only if the MDF floor plinth was installed on clips. In the case of mounting with glue, the replacement of individual elements will take much longer.

MDF plinth MP-1040R2 from a trusted manufacturer

Looking for a good building materials store? Do you want to buy cheap MDF plinth in Warsaw? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the offers of the Profi-Plint company. Our range includes several classic and original variations of MDF skirting boards for interior decoration, including the popular MP-1040R2 series.

We cooperate with trusted manufacturers with an impeccable reputation in the market, therefore we offer our customers exceptionally high quality of specialized decorative elements. You can also buy MDF plinth from us, the price of which remains the most loyal on the market, with delivery to any city in the country. All you have to do is choose the desired length of the selected product and place an order online.

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