Plinth MDF MP-10100F3 painted

14.50 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model MP-10100F3
Material MDF
Type overhead
Availability on order
Length of the product 2,8 m
Height 100 mm
Width 10 mm
Coating painted
Cable channels no
Peculiarities attractive appearance
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
  • on plaster

Plinth MP-10100F3 is preferred by buyers who finish large premises or rooms with high ceilings. The optimal dimensions of this decorative element allow you to emphasize spaciousness, focus on free areas, and draw attention to the lower part of the wall. Also, the white high floor plinth helps to visually lengthen the walls.

Unlike the lower model MP-1080R2, this series allows you to hide most of the surface from visible damage or flaws. The MDF skirting board, whose width remains standard 10 mm, does not have special cable channels, so additional recesses will be required to hide the wiring. It is worth noting that the high height of the product does not affect functionality in any way. The decorative element perfectly hides the junction of the floor and the wall, prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt in the corners.

How to fix the MDF skirting board to the wall

The installation of this product is one of the key stages in the final finishing of the premises. We do not recommend buying an MDF skirting board with clips, as installation will require special clamps and fasteners. In addition, the latches may break during operation, for example, from an accidental impact on a decorative element during cleaning.

The simplest, most reliable and up-to-date fastening of an MDF skirting board is installation on liquid nails. This is a special adhesive that ensures a snug fit of the product to the surface and securely fixes the decor element for many years. We recommend ordering this type of fastener for MDF plinth only from trusted manufacturers. A good adhesive is highly resistant to moisture and harsh cleaning chemicals.

To securely fix the MDF plinth, installation is recommended according to the following algorithm:

  • Level the walls with special building materials and tools.
  • Take measurements and cut the MDF skirting board at 45 degrees at the corner joints. For precise cutting and perfect seams, a miter box is recommended.
  • Degrease the wall surfaces in places of future bonding.
  • Dot and evenly apply the adhesive along the entire length of the decorative product.
  • Press the decorative element firmly against the wall. Remove excess adhesive immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Keep the product pressed for the recommended time described in the instructions for the adhesive mixture.

Plinth MP-10100F3 at the best price in Poland

The Profi-Plint company offers a wide range of models of modern decorative elements for finishing rooms and premises. In our online catalog you will find high-quality MDF skirting boards for painting, which you can buy at a bargain price and with prompt delivery. All products are supplied directly from trusted manufacturers who have an impeccable reputation in the market.

You can buy skirting board MP-10100F3 from us with painting in any RAL color. You can also choose the optimal height of the product, choose rounded or beveled corners. All detailed information, including characteristics and description, is presented in the product cards. You can also seek advice from our managers in the online chat or by phone.

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