Led corner profile Pr-1601b aluminum black

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Length of the product3 m
Channel for LED stripbefore 24 mm
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Shadow line widthany
Peculiaritiessmooth seam around the perimeter of the room
Lets give up
  • from baguettes
  • from ceiling moldings

Led corner profile Pr-1601b is a modern and stylish solution in interior design. This profile is made of aluminum and painted in a universal black color that harmonizes well with various shades. It has a unique design and is securely attached to the metal suspension system of the plasterboard ceiling. A similar original model in black is represented by the product Pr-4060b.

Using this corner led profile, you can create a beautiful shadow gap between wall and ceiling drywall, in which it seems to hang in the air. This visual illusion makes a strong impression and helps to successfully transform the interior. Therefore, shadow gap profiles for plasterboard ceilings are increasingly used to implement modern design when planning room decoration. In addition, this model has a niche for a lighting strip, which provides the opportunity to complement the interior with beautiful lighting.

Reasons to purchase LED corner profile Pr-1601b

  • Enhancing the effect of a floating ceiling. The profile of this design is most suitable for use in small and medium-sized rooms, since the width of the shadow seam is only 16 mm. Due to this, in spacious rooms the effect of a “floating” ceiling may be faintly noticeable. However, this led corner profile, unlike the uncoated model, is painted black. A dark shade can successfully enhance the visual effect of a hanging ceiling, making it more expressive and impressive. The difference will be especially noticeable when the LED backlight is turned off.
  • Combination with modern interior styles. Black color, like other dark shades, is often one of the main colors when decorating a modern room design. This color scheme fits especially well into an interior in the style of hi-tech and minimalism. Therefore, the black aluminum shadow joint profile is one of the decorative building elements in demand today. It can help create a harmonious and sophisticated interior without the use of complex design techniques.
  • Pleasant soft lighting of the ceiling around the perimeter. The corner channel for led strip in this angled led profile model is located so that the light flows from the diodes are directed upward. Reflecting from the black surface of the profile at an angle, they are slightly scattered, creating a feeling of uniform illumination. This way you can create a pleasant illumination of the suspended ceiling. Also, buying such an LED profile Pr-1601b is a good solution when there is no need for additional bright lighting of the perimeter of the room. This product will help to create muted and unobtrusive decorative lighting for a plasterboard suspended ceiling.

Corner profile light from the manufacturer

When it comes to the need to select and purchase specialized building elements, it is better to contact a trusted company with a good reputation. This way you can order high quality products at a reasonable price. If you plan to purchase an aluminum led corner profile for a plasterboard ceiling, a good solution would be to familiarize yourself with the range of the Profi-Plint company.

We specialize in the production of unique building elements for interior design. From us you can select and buy a ceiling angled led strip profile at a profit. And create an original gap between wall and ceiling drywall with different joint sizes for a specific interior design project.

To save time searching for the desired decorative element, we recommend that you consult our managers. Our specialists will answer all your questions and select the best option that will meet your individual requirements and wishes.

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