Led aluminium profile Pr-4060b black

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Length of the product3 m
Channel for LED stripbefore 24 mm
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Shadow line width40 mm
Peculiaritiessmooth seam around the perimeter of the room
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  • from baguettes
  • from ceiling moldings

The black led aluminium profile Pr-4060b is a unique element for an unusual interior design. With its help, you can create an original shadow seam effect that creates the impression of a ceiling suspended in the air. Gives the room a more luxurious and stylish look. Allows you to advantageously emphasize the internal perimeter with the help of lighting.

This model has a shadow seam width of 40 mm. Such parameters provide the opportunity to make the effect of a “floating” plasterboard ceiling more expressive in large rooms. Also, the wide channel of the LED strip (up to 24 mm) allows you to install bright lighting. It can serve as either an independent or an auxiliary light source in the interior.

What is good about a black led aluminium profile Pr-4060bprofile under LED lights pr4060b

  • Versatility. When choosing a shadow joint profile for suspended ceilings, it is still worth paying attention to the color of this product. For example, a color that is too light can negatively affect the depth of a 40mm wide shadow joint. Especially if the walls are made in dark shades (an unpleasant contrast is created). A black LED profile, on the contrary, will emphasize the effect of a “floating” ceiling in the interior. Moreover, regardless of the chosen color scheme and design.
  • Possibility of installing lighting. It is important to buy such led extrusion profiles for original ceiling lighting. There are special channels inside the product for installing LED backlight and diffuser. As a result, such an angular profile will provide effective lighting in the room. This will highlight the shadow seam and add an extra level of comfort to the interior.
  • Black color. One of the distinctive features of this model is its color. It allows you to visually enlarge the shadow seam around the perimeter of the ceiling due to the dark color, making it more expressive and elegant. Due to this, the visual illusion of a ceiling suspended in the air is enhanced, which is especially noticeable when the backlight is turned off.
  • Durability. High-quality painting of this product has a positive effect on its durability, as it increases resistance to corrosion, which cannot be said about models without coating. Our led profile aluminum Pr-4060b is made of high-quality aluminum, which has good resistance to mechanical loads, compared to plastic models. It has thicker walls and a reinforced structure, so it can withstand heavy ceiling suspension systems for a long time.

Led aluminium profile – main typesprofile for suspended ceiling pr-4060b

When choosing a suspended plasterboard ceiling to decorate a room, the selection of specialized decorative elements remains important. After all, with the help of such products you can realize interesting visual effects in the interior, create original main or additional lighting. Therefore, an led aluminium profile is often chosen as a stylish and functional decorative element for a plasterboard ceiling.

Such products are presented in a good variety of models, each of which has its own distinctive features. To buy the correct profile with a channel for the LED strip, you need to understand the varieties of this decorative element. Aluminum profiles for plasterboard ceilings come in three types – corner, mortise and overhead. Each type of these products offers different design, equipment and installation options.

Recessed profile led

Such models of decorative elements for decorating a room are designed for installation directly into a suspended plasterboard ceiling. The recessed led profile is mounted to a metal structure, which serves as the basis for installing a suspended ceiling, at the same level as the plasterboard. The result is a beautiful and even shadow seam without visible protruding elements.

The led aluminium profile can be installed in any part of the suspended plasterboard ceiling. Due to this, it is possible to implement an interesting interior design with original light lines. The profile for LED strip in plasterboard can be equipped with a diffuser that evenly distributes the light along the entire length of the LED strip, making it soft and comfortable.

Corner profilewide aluminum profile pr4060b

This type of these decorative elements made of aluminum is the most common. The led corner profile is in high demand, as it allows you to implement interesting design solutions when decorating the interior of a room. For example, unlike models without a channel for an LED strip, these products make it possible to enhance the effect of a hanging ceiling using lighting. Also, due to different shades of ceiling lighting along the perimeter, you can create a certain atmosphere in the room, emphasize the main color scheme of the interior, and create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere.

The extrusion aluminium corner profile is installed directly on the wall and is additionally attached to the end of the metal structure of the suspended ceiling. Thus creating a reliable and durable connection. Before installation begins, it is necessary to level and finish the walls so that the shadow seam is smooth and beautiful.

Led strip light corner profile

This is the most budget-friendly way to make beautiful LED lighting in a room. The corner profile led light is a lightweight and compact product with a channel for the LED strip. Can be installed both on walls and on suspended ceilings. Using an overhead profile for an LED strip, you can create beautiful localized lighting for a separate area in the room. For example, make original lighting for a mirror, highlight a bar counter in the room. Or add soft, beautiful light to a corner with plants.

Overhead profiles for LED strips most often serve as an additional source of lighting. They can look good in combination with a floating ceiling with lighting. Or serve as a beautiful addition to a hidden baseboard with a built-in LED strip. It is not advisable to use an overlay profile with a channel for LED strip to install lighting on a plasterboard ceiling. It is mounted on top of drywall, resulting in a noticeable protrusion. To maintain aesthetic appeal in the interior, it is better to buy a mortise profile with a channel for the LED strip.

Led aluminium profile Pr-4060b for suspended ceilingLED lights for the room pr-4060b

When decorating the interior of premises, especially large areas, it is important to correctly select specialized decorative elements. Buying such a led profile for ceiling Pr-4060b  is a fairly modern solution. The Profi-Plint company is one of the best in Ukraine in the production of unique specialized products for interior decoration.

It is from us that you can order a wide profile for a plasterboard suspended ceiling with delivery throughout Europe. All products are manufactured in-house, and our staff employs only qualified specialists. Therefore, each aluminum profile produced by the Profi-Plint company has high quality, good strength and reliability.

To place an online order, simply leave a request on our website directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also buy a led profile aluminum, or get advice on the topic from a specialist, by phone. Current contact details are listed on the official website of the Profi-Plint company.

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