Floor plinth MDF MP-1040F3 painted

9.30 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model MP-1040F3
Material MDF
Type overhead
Availability on order
Length of the product 2,8 m
Height 40 mm
Width 10 mm
Coating painted
Cable channels no
Peculiarities attractive appearance
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
  • on plaster

Plinth MP-1040F3 on MDF floor  remains one of the best options in interior design of a small area. This low decorative detail perfectly hides the junction of the wall and the floor. Harmoniously fits into any design, gives the room a beautiful and complete look. The product has impeccable technical characteristics. And the price of MDF plinth, including other models, for example, MP-1040R2, remains affordable for every customer.

Such decorative elements are presented in various colors. Here you can order MDF skirting boards in black, gray or beige. Such shades will look great in both classic and modern interiors. We also offer to buy a white MDF skirting board, ready for painting. Due to the high-quality final processing, paint, varnish and other finishing products lay down in a beautiful even layer on the surface of the product.

Differences MDF plinth

These products have been occupying a leading position in the market for several years now, successfully competing with models made of plastic, duropolymer, aluminum and PVC. The high demand for such decorative elements, especially for the MP-1040F3 white MDF skirting board, is due to the excellent price-quality ratio. All thanks to the unique production technology.

Such products are made from crushed wood fibers, which are formed in special devices by pressing under the influence of high temperatures. Natural resin (lignin) acts as an adhesive base. Decorative elements made in this way have a high density and are 100% environmentally friendly.

Positive features of these products

  • UV resistant. Due to the high technical characteristics, such decorative elements are not susceptible to sunlight. Therefore, even the black MDF skirting board MP-1040F3 can be installed in rooms with natural light, including semi-open ones.
  • Resistance to influence of temperature and moisture. Despite the fact that such products are made from natural wood fibers, they do not change their properties even at 80% humidity. Plinth MDF beige and in other colors can be installed in the kitchen, in bathrooms and even in bathrooms. True, in the latter case, it is recommended to additionally treat the surface of the decorative element with a special protective paint or varnish.
  • Ease of installation. Laying the plinth MP-1040F3 MDF will not take much time even for a person without experience in construction and repair. It is enough to make markings around the perimeter of the room, cut off parts of the product of the desired length and glue them to the wall with liquid nails. The decorative element fits snugly to any flat surface, so it will hold securely for the entire period of operation.
  • Resistance to microorganisms and fungi. Even in conditions of high humidity, mold does not appear in such products. They can be safely installed in children’s rooms and public spaces.

Where to buy MDF plinth MP-1040F3 in Warsaw

You can order high-quality decorative elements at the most loyal price in the capital and throughout Ukraine at Profi-Plint. We are a trusted distributor of well-known Ukrainian manufacturers of specialized building elements. We offer customers a wide range of original products for interior decoration. In our online catalog you can easily choose the necessary design, colors and sizes of MDF skirting boards. If you have any difficulties with placing an order or need advice on the models of decorative elements of interest, we recommend that you contact the store managers for help.

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