Decorative MDF insert vs-1060l

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Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Model vs-1060l
Material MDF
Availability in stock
Length of the product 2500 mm
Channel for LED strip there is
Coating primer for painting
Coverage options
  • primed
  • painted in RAL pantone colors
Width 10 mm
Height 60 mm
Peculiarities installed flush with the wall

MDF insert vs-1060l is an affordable and original way to decorate the Pl-M1060 recessed plinth for LED strip. The product is easily mounted on an aluminum profile flush with the wall. It has high strength and good moisture resistance. Does not deform from temperature changes and does not fade with regular exposure to sunlight.

MDF insert vs-1060l for aluminum skirting boards with backlight

  • Channel for LED tape. Unlike other models, the vs-1060l bar design allows you to mount LED lighting inside the product. Thanks to this, the illuminated aluminum skirting board will allow you to decorate the room with an interesting decor. Such decoration can also serve as additional lighting in the room.
  • Primed surface. Skirting board lighting is not the only way to beautifully decorate a room. The presence of a primer on the MDF insert vs-1060l allows you to paint the product in any color. If you correctly choose the shade and install the LED strip, you can complement the interior with a stunning and unusual visual effect.
  • Long service life. MDF insert vs-1060l significantly outperforms chipboard products in terms of technical characteristics. It is more resistant to various external influences and is distinguished by a long service life. You do not have to think about replacing decorative elements every year.

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