Decorative MDF insert vs-10100

11.90 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Model vs-10100
Material MDF
Availability in stock
Length of the product 2500 mm
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating primer for painting
Coverage options
  • primed
  • painted in RAL pantone colors
Width 10 mm
Height 100 mm
Peculiarities installed flush with the wall

The decorative MDF insert vs-10100 is intended for installation on a wide recessed plinth Pl-M1060. Allows you to “hide” the metal base of the flush-mounted installation. Completely removes the gap between the wall and the floor.

Decorative MDF insert vs-10100 for wide plinths on the floor

  • Nice visual effect. Such a product is installed flush with the wall. Has a primer coat for painting or finishing with plaster. Creates a beautiful visual effect of a smooth transition from wall to floor. The MDF overlay can be painted to match the flooring or highlighted in a separate color.
  • Improved specifications. The decorative insert under the high plinth is 2 times stronger than chipboard. The product does not crumble and does not lose its original shape over time. It has increased resistance to temperature and humidity changes.
  • Ease of installation. The decorative overlay MDF vs-10100 is easily installed on the aluminum profile with special glue. Does not require the purchase and installation of additional mounts. Reliably fixed to the metal base for many years.

It is possible to order a plinth for a floor wide together with an MDF vs-10100 insert with delivery across all territory of Ukraine.


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