Recessed baseboard Pl-M1060A aluminum anodized

17.50 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Model Pl-M1060А
Material aluminum
Availability on order, 10 days
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating anodized
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Cable channels no
Peculiarities wall-mounted installation possible
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels
Matching mdf inserts

This model is a durable metal profile with an anodized finish. Used in concealed installation systems. Allows you to remove the visible gap between the wall and the floor without reducing the usable floor area. Recessed baseboard Pl-M1060A can be bought to decorate the interior of the room in any style.

Thin recessed baseboard Pl-M1060A – the main advantages of the productthin skirting boards

  • Anodized finish. Thanks to anodizing, the metal surface of this building product has increased resistance to various environmental influences. The material is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. Does not corrode over time.
  • High strength. Resistance to mechanical stress and damage, as well as design features, allow you to mount the product under drywall and heavy facing panels.
  • Ease of installation. The Pl-M1060A skirting board is installed when roughing the walls with screws or self-tapping screws. The design involves a quick installation of a decorative MDF insert vs-1060ral, which can be painted in the color of the walls or floor.

This product has all the necessary certificates confirming its high quality.

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