Led light aluminium profile Pr-D2040L16 aluminum

14.60 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
The price includes delivery to Poland
Model Pr-D2040L16
Material aluminum
Availability to order
Length of the product 3 m
Channel for LED strip 10 mm
Coating without coating
Coverage options
  • no cover
  • anodized
  • black paint
  • RAL pantone colors
Shadow line width 20 mm
  • even seam along the entire length
  • LED lighting installation

Led light aluminium profile Pr-D2040L16 is one of the best options for decorating large residential premises, offices, lobbies. Thanks to the 20 mm wide shadow joint, it is possible to hide the joints of the suspended cladding material. The ceiling will seem perfectly flat along the entire length. Similar, but without backlight, is the Pr-D2030 ceiling shadow line.

Led light aluminium profile Pr-D2040L16 – positive features

  • Effective lighting. The aluminium led light channel is located on the inside of the product. Light at an angle reflects off a metal surface and is evenly scattered throughout the room. Thanks to this product design, you can create a beautiful, soft and pleasant ceiling lighting that does not irritate your eyes.
  • High strength index. You can buy the Pr-D2040L16 aluminum profile led light for decorating the largest rooms. Thoughtful split construction and quality aluminum easily support large sheets of drywall or panels in a large area.
  • Original interior design. Such construction products are multifunctional because they allow the implementation of a wide range of room finishing options. The aluminium led light channel creates an additional opportunity to experiment with materials, color and lighting intensity. As well as patterns and other parameters in building design.

If you want to complement the interior of the room with aesthetics and style, order this model now! Delivery to larger cities in Poland is included in the product price.

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