Aluminum profile Pr-D1320L12

7.74 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pr-D1320L12
Material aluminum
Availability in stock
Length of the product 3 m
Channel for LED strip 10 mm
Coating without coating
Shadow line width 12 mm
  • even seam along the entire length
  • LED lighting installation

ICE profile Pr-D1320L12 is a universal product for interior design. The optimal thickness of the shadow seam, as well as the presence of a channel for LED lighting, open up a lot of opportunities for the buyer. And to realize the desired design of the premises with decent savings will allow an affordable price for these products. Also in our assortment there is a similar model Pr-D1020 without backlight.

LED profile Pr-D1320L12 – positive aspects

  • Lots of design options. Ideally even design of the product with the ability to build in a beautiful backlight will allow you to realize the most daring creative ideas. In addition to decoration, such connecting “channels” can serve as an additional source of light. Especially when combined with a special diffuser Sl-13.
  • High quality guarantee. The aluminum from which the Pr-D1320L12 profile under the LED strip is made has impressive technical characteristics. The material is resistant to various types of damage and can last for decades without losing its original qualities.
  • Possibility of installation on a wall. In addition to the ceiling, this product can be installed on a supporting concrete and brick base. This is especially true when decorating walls with drywall or cladding panels. A glowing shadow seam will look much more spectacular than a regular seam.

You can order this model with delivery to any city in Ukraine. Transportation of goods is carried out by New Mail.

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