Aluminum profile Pr-3310

4.71 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pr-3310
Material aluminum
Availability production destroyed by Russian invaders
Unit Length 2,5 м
Coating without coating
Peculiarities LED lighting installation

Aluminum profile Pr-3310 for LED strip is a proven model from the lower price range. It has gained high popularity in the Ukrainian market due to the excellent ratio of cost and quality. It has an average height and width, so ordering the Pr-3310 profile for the LED strip is relevant even for small spaces. The loss of free space under the ceiling after installation is minimal.

LED profile Pr-3310 for stretch ceiling

  • Possibility to install backlight. The design of this model allows you to mount LED lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling. The light passes through the PVC film, so the more powerful the LEDs and the higher the transparency of the canvas, the brighter the backlight will be. In this way, you can not only visually expand the space, but also decorate the room with a full-fledged decor element.
  • Low price – one of the main reasons why customers prefer to buy this particular LED profile for a stretch ceiling. Affordable cost and the possibility of installing LED lighting will allow you to profitably decorate the interior, regardless of the size of the room.
  • Good quality. Among all models on the market, this model is known for its reliability. The profile will surely last more than 5-8 years. It also competes quite successfully with more expensive models, which once again confirms the good quality.

All technical characteristics can be found in the product description or contact our managers at the contacts indicated on the site. The original Pr-3225 floating light line is also available.

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