Aluminum profile Pr-3228

9.23 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pr-3228
Material aluminum
Availability production destroyed by Russian invaders
Unit Length 2,5 м
Coating without coating
  • LED lighting installation
  • even seam along the entire length

Profile Pr-3228 for illuminated stretch ceiling is made of light and durable aluminum alloy. Used for quick installation of PVC film in special channels. Allows you to create the optimal tension of the web during its installation, even in a large room. A similar version of stretch ceiling lighting is available in the form of contour lighting Pr-3310.

Reliable stretch ceiling profile Pr-3228

  • Possibility to install lighting. LED lighting can be installed on the aluminum profile for stretch ceilings. With proper selection of lighting, as well as the color and degree of transparency of the stretch fabric, it will be possible to additionally decorate the room with colorful lighting, visually expand the internal area or, for example, use ceiling LEDs as a night light.
  • Reliable fixation of the canvas in the clamps. Thanks to a thoughtful and high-quality design, the profile for the LED strip on the ceiling firmly holds the PVC film for at least 5 years. Aluminum has good resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity. Therefore, it does not lose its original properties during operation.
  • Average price. The cost of this model per linear meter is in the low price range. Installing a stretch ceiling with the help of such a product will be beneficial for both a small room and a large room.

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