Aluminum profile Pr-3225

6.68 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pr-3225
Material aluminum
Availability production destroyed by Russian invaders
Unit Length 2,5 м
Coating without coating
Peculiarities LED lighting installation

Mortise profile Pr-3225 for LED strip serves as an original and proven tool in interior design. The unique and reliable design, strong fixation of the hanging canvas, strong aluminum alloy – all this guarantees a long service life of the product, and also allows you to realize the most non-standard creative ideas.

Light lines and profile Pr-3225

  • Beautiful decor. This wide profile LED strip is the way to completely transform the design of your living room or work space. With this model, you can lay a beautiful connecting line in the center of the ceiling. Emphasize the interior with an original decoration that gives it a unique and sophisticated style.
  • LED lights. Buying an aluminum profile is relevant for LED strip. It is enough to choose the desired lighting power and install the LEDs in the central part of the product. As a result, the ceiling will be decorated with an even medium or narrow light line.
  • Wide variety of designs. The uniqueness of this design allows the most creative approach to the design of the room. For example, you can lay a line on the ceiling in a different shade with the main stretch fabric. Or take a white, almost transparent PVC film and use such a backlight as the main lighting, decoration element or night light.

To buy this product with prompt delivery to your city in Ukraine, we recommend filling out a short online form on our website. For stretch ceilings, there is also the Pr-3161 model.

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