Aluminum profile Pr-3161

7.61 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pr-3161
Material aluminum
Availability production destroyed by Russian invaders
Unit Length 2,5 м
Coating black matte
Peculiarities LED lighting installation

The floating profile Pr-3161 for stretch ceilings has a thoughtful design that greatly simplifies the installation of the product itself and the PVC film. Rugged and durable aluminum construction ensures long life of this model in various conditions, including high humidity, high and low temperatures.

Shadow profile Pr-3161 for stretch ceiling

  • The way the original decor of the room. This model is designed in an original way. After its installation and tension of the suspended canvas from above along the perimeter of the room, an even shadow seam will be established. This visual effect of the “floating ceiling” is actively used in the design of original interiors.
  • Dark matte coating. This stretch ceiling profile comes in a beautiful black color. This coloring will allow you to experiment with the design, enhance the effect of the “shadow seam” around the perimeter of the room.
  • Durability. This profile for a stretch soaring ceiling is made of AD-31 aluminum alloy. Due to this, it does not lose its high technical properties over time. The structure does not deform. The fastenings of the canvas do not slip. The PVC film is in the initially installed place for at least 5-10 years.

This model is also available in matt white. All details and availability of products in the warehouse can be clarified with the managers of our store. For internal illumination of stretch ceilings, the Pr-3228 model is available.

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