Aluminum plinth Pl-M1060

7.74 eur / m


Brand Ukraine
Model Pl-M1060
Material aluminum
Availability in stock
Length of the product 2,5 m
Channel for LED strip missing
Coating uncoated
Cable channels no
Peculiarities wall-mounted installation possible
Suitable for mounting
  • with drywall
  • panels

This is a unique flush-mounted building fixture. With it, you can completely hide the joint between the floor covering and the wall. Create a perfectly flat surface with no gaps, visible fasteners or irregularities. Plinth Pl-M1060 for laminate can also be easily combined with other floor coverings such as tiles or parquet. MDF plank vs-1060 acts as a decorative insert.

Metal plinth Pl-M1060 – advantages

  • Withstands heavy loads. The thoughtful design of the product and durable aluminum alloy allows you to realize any design idea when decorating a room. For example, finish the walls with drywall or heavy 3D cladding slabs.
  • Easy to mount. It is possible to fix the metal base of the product during roughing of walls with ordinary self-tapping screws or screws. After installing the floor covering and completing the repair work, only the installation of the MDF decorative insert will remain.
  • Remains available. The price of the Pl-M1060A skirting board is significantly lower than the anodized analogues, which allows you to make a beautiful repair in the house, even with a limited budget.

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