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MDF inserts for concealed products are relatively new products on the construction market. They act as a decorated overlay made of wood-containing materials for the base metal profile. They allow you to hide cables and wires from view, as well as perfectly align the wall right up to the junction with the floor covering. Outstanding value for money. Presented in a wide variety of visual design.

MDF is medium density fibreboard. In other words, wood chips pressed under high pressure and temperature. This material is most common in furniture production. It is used to make cabinets, furniture facades and, in particular, inserts for concealed installation products. In the process of obtaining MDF material, almost perfectly flat surfaces are obtained, which is an additional plus for high-quality painting.

The main advantages of inserting MDF

  • Strength and durability. Such decorative overlays have an increased density in comparison with fiberboard. Consequently, the material has a high threshold of resistance to various mechanical damage. Thanks to good technical characteristics, such an insert will last for many years without losing its original qualities.
  • Ecological cleanliness. MDF inserts are made on high-tech equipment without the addition of epoxy resins and phenol. Due to the high quality of the wood-containing material, the product does not emit harmful toxins and unpleasant odors even at elevated temperatures during operation. It is completely safe for human health.
  • Moisture resistance. The surface of MDF decorative overlays is primed for painting by the manufacturer. In addition to the ability to implement any design idea, such a coating can significantly increase the moisture resistance of the material. Therefore, MDF overlays for flush-mounted products can decorate a room with a variable or high level of humidity.
  • Ease of installation. Such decorative inserts can be easily installed on an aluminum profile without assistance. It is enough to glue the MDF overlay on an adhesive base, for example, use a special construction adhesive. Also, variations with plastic clips are no less common, which make it easy to replace the insert if necessary.
  • Acceptable price. MDF decorative overlays are in the middle price range among all varieties of these products. And thanks to a wide variety of sizes, each client will be able to choose the best option for an affordable amount.

What are MDF inserts

This product does not have a wide range of classifications. MDF inserts can be divided into two types – standard and with a channel for LED strip. The former allow you to align the wall in height from ceiling to floor without a visible gap from below. The second, in addition to leveling, is to get a beautiful luminous seam a few centimeters above the floor covering.

Also, MDF inserts can be distinguished by the type of finish. The most popular way to decorate is staining. It allows you to choose any desired shade to match the color of the wall or flooring. Moreover, painting can be easily carried out independently with a special brush. The primed surface perfectly holds the paint and conveys a rich shade. Another option is to order the painting of the MDF insert in the desired color from the Profi-Plint company. The service is provided at an additional cost.

Where to buy MDF inserts in Kyiv

The Profi-Plint company is a trusted seller of specialized building products. You can buy high-quality MDF inserts for hidden aluminum floor structures at an affordable price from us. We offer our customers a wide range of sizes and several types of construction (with and without a channel for the LED strip).

To place an order, it is enough to leave a request for the desired product on the website or contact the managers of our store by phone. Delivery in Kyiv is free of charge within 2-3 business days from the date of purchase. It is also possible to transport decorative MDF inserts to any city in Ukraine by well-known postal services.

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