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Stretch sheets and suspended drywall boards have long held a leading position among ceiling materials in apartments, houses and commercial premises. Due to the high demand, manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions in fixing systems for such decor. The shadow joint profile is one of the latest developments. Due to the unique design, the device allows you to achieve the original gap between the wall and the suspended canvas. Complement the interior with style and aesthetic appeal.

What is a shadow profile

Shadow profile for stretch ceiling – a specialized product made of aluminum. Provides a loose fit of the finishing material to the wall. Depending on the width of the profile, the shadow joint on the ceiling can be from 5 to 20 mm. The production of some models requires a special channel for installing a lighting tape.

The presence of a dark gap between the wall and the ceiling creates a visual sensation that the finishing material is levitating in the air. And if you order a profile for an LED strip and install a backlight, the effect of soaring will be multiplied several times.

Advantages of a shadow joint profile

shadow joint profile above the pool

  • Aesthetic appearance. Such a profile for a stretch ceiling gives a unique effect that complements the design of any style in an original way. And thanks to a wide selection of models, there are many possibilities for decorating the interior of the room.
  • High rigidity. Thoughtful design, good quality and impressive thickness of the metal walls of the product provides excellent durability. Such a stretch ceiling profile is able to withstand the weight of even large-sized cardboard sheets when decorating a large area.
  • The shadow joint profile allows you to re-paste wallpapers, repaint walls, lay tiles and carry out other finishing work without dismantling the suspended canvas.
  • On such a profile, the price is rarely in the medium and high range. As a rule, these are affordable building products that every resident of Ukraine can purchase.
  • Visual expansion of space. The shadow profile for the LED strip on the ceiling allows you to visually increase the volume of the room. This option is especially relevant for small rooms, as well as interiors with embossed or volumetric walls. For example, with 3D design.
  • Aluminum profile for LED strip can be used in rooms of various sizes. For a house or apartment, a classic wall model will be enough. And to connect large sheets of drywall when decorating large buildings, such as offices, you can use a separate profile. Including a channel for the LED strip.

What is a shadow profile

shadow joint profile with lighting in the hallway

Such building products do not have a strict classification. Generally speaking, they can be divided into the following categories:

For stretch fabric. On the market, you can easily pick up a special ceiling profile with a shadow seam for installing PVC film or fabric. Such models are distinguished by a unique design that allows, in addition to a beautiful dark gap, to securely fix the finishing material at the desired level.

For drywall. These are simpler in their design, but no less functional options. The profile of the shadow joint for drywall is presented in a wide variety of models to implement the most daring design ideas.

Universal. Building fixtures from this category are compatible with all types of finishing ceiling cloths. We recommend giving preference to specialized profile models for the best result.

With channel for LED lighting. Aluminum profile for LED strip allows you to decorate the ceiling with beautiful lighting. And thanks to the variety of product models, you can realize many interesting options for interior design.

Reinforced. Such structures have additional stiffeners and thicker metal walls. Able to withstand even the heaviest ceiling suspension systems with bulky design. As a rule, the price for such a profile is significantly different from other models on the market.

Illuminated shadow joint profile

In the last few years, consumers have shown particular interest in light stretch ceilings. In part, this is due to the appearance on the market of the shadow joint profile. In addition to the soaring ceiling effect that is gaining popularity, such products are used for lighting. Therefore, they are able to offer a lot of other original design options for the room.

Edge lighting

shadow joint profile for ice tape

One of the effective ways to decorate the interior of a room is competent lighting. Thanks to the installation of a special profile and LED strip, you can make a beautiful geometric contour on the ceiling. The ribs of the product highlight the light zone with clear boundaries, as a result of which an even contour is obtained along the perimeter of the ceiling. It is noteworthy that when the lighting is off, a shadow seam becomes noticeable, which looks no less attractive.

Light lines

shadow joint profile for light lines

A light line in a stretch ceiling is one of the most beautiful ways to illuminate a room. But its price is slightly above the average segment. A special profile for light lines most often has a built-in diffuser. Thanks to such a “stub”, which is installed on top of the LED strip, the light is soft and pleasing to the eye.

There are also models of profiles for light lines with a separate “niche” (for installing LED lighting) on the market. As a rule, they do not have a base diffuser, as the light is reflected from the metal surface. The profile for the LED strip can be installed both on the outside and inside the ceiling. In the latter case, the products will not be visible when the backlight is off.

Full ceiling lighting

shadow joint profile for bathroom lighting

To implement the effect of a “zenith window” on the entire area of ​​the ceiling, a ceiling profile for an LED strip is quite suitable. The only condition is that the channel for the LED strip or fixtures for placing spotlights must be under the stretch fabric. By the way, in this case, only PVC film with high light transmission is suitable as a finishing material.

When choosing such an interior design, you should be extremely careful. Stretch ceiling with full light is great for small, dimly lit rooms, as it significantly expands a small dark space. In the case of a large area, such a design can also have a negative effect, causing uncomfortable sensations of a “vacuum above your head”.

Installation of a shadow profile

shadow joint profile for LED lighting

By itself, the installation of such a product is quite simple and is carried out in a short time. But, as in any construction work, there are a number of nuances. First of all, the walls are completely aligned. A perfectly even line is applied to the finished surface, which will serve as an approximate border for installing the profile. It is from this stage that it depends on how even and beautiful the tension of the canvas will be, as well as the shadow seam. For a perfect result, experts use a laser level.

Before installing the profile, it is recommended to glue the area of its future contact with the wall with a special sealing tape. It will provide a tighter fit and secure fixation of the product on the surface. Ultimately, the profile for stretch ceilings is screwed with strong fasteners to the wall. There should be no visible gaps between different parts of the aluminum product. Installation of finishing material is carried out according to standard technology.

Shadow joint profile – installation

  • The surface of the wall in the area of contact with the profile must be perfectly flat. If there are even minor errors, the shadow seam can turn out to be uneven and ugly.
  • If there is regularly active air movement in the room, it is recommended to choose a shadow profile for stretch ceilings with ventilation channels. This will get rid of the constant oscillation of the canvas. For apartments and houses, this recommendation is not relevant, since the stretch fabric will easily survive regular ventilation.
  • Before you install an aluminum profile for the LED strip, you need to think over the lighting system. Illiterate layout can lead to dim and too dark areas in the room, as well as an inexpressive lighting effect.
  • Always pay attention to the width of the shadow line. Too narrow abutment of the ceiling to the wall will simply be invisible in a large room. And overly wide – practically guarantees that the metal profile for drywall will be visible from different angles in a small room.

Shadow profile at a loyal price in Kyiv

shadow joint profile for shower room

The shadow joint profile is a stylish, original and modern solution for any room. If you set out to buy such a product in the city of Kyiv, we recommend that you contact the Profi-Plint company. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of specialized profiles, skirting boards and components necessary to realize a unique ceiling design.

The production of individual and serial products is carried out from high quality aluminum alloy. All ceiling profiles from the Profi-Plint company meet modern standards and have the necessary certificates. In our store you can choose a suitable model for a shadow joint in the online catalog or order the manufacture of products according to an individual project.

You can buy a profile for drywall in the city of Kyiv with courier delivery to any address. It is possible to pick up the purchase by self-delivery from our warehouse. We can also send a profile to any city in Ukraine by a postal service convenient for you.

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