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Floating ceiling in the interior

Traditional ways of finishing ceilings with whitewash, paint or cheap facing materials (for example, from polystyrene foam) are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today, in the field of interior design, a wide range of multi-level structures made of plasterboard, stretch film and fabric materials with 3D drawings is presented. And in the last few years, innovative floating ceilings with lighting have been actively gaining popularity.

What is a floating ceiling

floating ceiling above the stairs

This is a suspended structure, which, with the help of special parts and fasteners, is placed in the upper part of the room at a certain distance from the walls. Due to the presence of a gap of several centimeters around the perimeter, it creates the feeling that a floating stretch ceiling is literally hanging in the air.

The most popular designs with light lines. The LED strip is placed along the edges of the hanging product at a certain angle. As a result, the light is evenly scattered along the contour, thereby further enhancing the effect of the floating ceiling. In addition to decorating the interior, such lighting can serve as auxiliary lighting in the room.

The main types of floating ceilings

In total, there are two main types of floating ceilings – stretch (made of PVC film or fabric) and plasterboard. Each type has a unique installation technology, specifications, features and benefits.


A soaring stretch ceiling with lighting, consisting of a PVC film or fabric, is similar in installation technology to standard variations without lighting. The only difference is the presence of special components. Inside these parts there is a cavity in which the LED strip is placed at a certain angle. It is protected by a special transparent cover-diffuser, which prevents the accumulation of dust.

Among the main advantages of floating stretch ceilings are the following:

floating ceiling with lighting
  • Versatility – the canvas can be installed in a room of any size.
  • Variability – tension structures can have different shapes, consist of several levels or separate modules, vary in texture and color.
  • Durability – hovering stretch ceilings serve at least 10-12 years.
  • Additional protection – PVC film has high strength, therefore it is able to withstand a large amount of water when flooded by neighbors from above.
  • Ease of care – the floating ceiling will be especially relevant in the kitchen, as any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Like any other material, this type of finish has its drawbacks. PVC film is unstable to mechanical damage and sudden changes in temperature. The fabric is better protected from punctures and cuts, but more prone to dirt.


The floating plasterboard ceiling is located on a strong metal frame. The strong basis allows to maintain impressive weight of a design. Like a stretch, floating plasterboard ceiling with perimeter lighting, it can be multi-level. Using this material, you can realize the most daring design ideas in unusual hanging figures.

floating plasterboard ceiling

Drywall constructions also have a number of distinctive advantages, including:

  • Heat resistance – the material is resistant to high temperatures and does not deform when overheated, which allows the use of any lighting fixtures.
    • Strength – due to the reliable frame and high physical properties of drywall, various elements can be used in the design (mirrors, stucco, mosaic glass, etc.).
    • Durability – in addition to excellent protection against mechanical damage and high temperatures, this material can be easily repainted.

The weak point of drywall is moisture. Even with the ingress of a small amount of water, visible stains and stains remain on the material. But today the market offers a wide selection of moisture-resistant drywall, which completely eliminates this problem.

A special plinth is attached from above along the perimeter of the room. There is also another way to create a floating effect – eaves lighting. An LED strip is installed in the recess of such a profile for a floating ceiling. Thanks to properly placed lighting, the effect of “airiness” is created.

This method is the most affordable. It is relevant for small rooms and premises in which you do not want to lose precious centimeters on suspended structures. Mounts are quite easy to install, have high strength with relatively low weight.

Floating ceiling – variations

floating ceiling multi-level

By the number of levels, floating stretch ceilings can be divided into three types:

  • Single-level – the simplest. They are carried out in one plane, effectively emphasize the boundaries even without illumination and do not burden the space of the room.
  • Two-level – universal floating structures. They consist of a base and an additional tier, which can represent figures of various shapes. Due to their volume, they visually expand the space and change the original geometry of the room.
  • Multi-level – the most complex and spectacular. Such floating ceilings should not be installed in the bathroom, toilet or corridor. Due to their bulkiness, they are only suitable for spacious rooms and high spaces.
light lines on the walls and ceiling

Floating hanging elements do not have strict restrictions in form, which allows you to implement the most original and unusual interior design. The most popular options are:

  • Floating lines. Straight, wavy, zigzag or broken stripes of light are a fun way to play up the zoning of a room. Also, floating lines will serve as an original and effective source of basic lighting.
  • Classic forms. Circles, ovals, squares and other geometric shapes are most often found in interior design. They go well with modern designs and enhance the floating effect due to their volume.
  • Arbitrary figures. It is not necessary to be satisfied with ready-made templates. It is enough to order a unique ceiling design from a specialist and implement it with the help of special backlit baguettes.

There are also several lighting options:

  • Along the perimeter – gives the space depth and visually increases the volume.
  • On the one hand, it creates the effect of asymmetry and a floating wall.
  • In the niche there is a decorative addition that can be realized in different forms.

Floating ceiling – design methods

stretch floating ceiling starry sky
  • Photo printing. A beautiful starry sky, images of flowers, nature or animals, old frescoes or realistic photos – all this will add exclusivity and richness to the interior.
  • Spot lighting. With the help of lamps and LED strips, you can highlight individual zones in the room. Enhance the floating effect of the suspended structure. Fully illuminate or create a themed atmosphere in a room.
  • Scattering light insert.This is another way to achieve interesting lighting effects. For example, focus on a specific floating area, pattern or figure.
  • Combined option. This method is a combination of PVC film with drywall. Thanks to the combination of several materials and the right lighting, you can create a unique and unusual composition.

Soaring designs with light lines are especially advantageous for small rooms. Even if you have to sacrifice a few centimeters of room height, you will still win in visual perception. Thanks to hidden lighting, the room will seem much larger and higher. Light colors can also visually enlarge square meters, which will fill the room with additional space and comfort.

Light lines can serve as the main source of illumination or create a successful composition with a chandelier, wall lamps or floor lamps. Hidden lighting in floating ceilings can also serve as a night light in the bedroom, children’s room, hallway or bathroom.

Floating ceiling – components in Ukraine

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